1 August 2019

Euro Knoppers NussRiegel (@NLi10)

A normal German chemists has a lot more chocolate than an English one. Look at all these new things!

Unfortunately it was far too hot for chocolate so I only bought 3 and ate one the same day.

I like the original Knoppers so this NussRiegel seemed like a safe bet

It has the white stuff and the waters and also has chewy nuts on top.

And it’s fine. It’s a nice bar but it’s not as good as a Knoppers !

I mean I’d happily eat more, but I’d choose the real thing first.


Anonymous said...

Nooo, the bar is way better than the original! :D I love the caramel layer here - but then again, I love caramel in all its golden, chewy glory.

NLi10 said...

Then you are the target market!! :D