9 August 2019

Daim Snax (Pound Shop) By @Cinabar

We used to have a Pound World near us but this closed and then reopened as a independent shop selling items for, you guessed it, one pound. I couldn’t resist having a look and was impressed by some of the foodie snacks on offer, amongst them was this bag of Daim Snax. When I popped it in my basket I wasn’t 100% sure what they were exactly but the mention of the Daim brand was enough to get me curious.
So I originally I thought this was chocolate with bits of Daim bar mixed into cluster, and I was nearly right but this also includes cornflakes as an added ingredient. The chocolates look quite rough and haphazard, but most have a roundish base and they are approximately similar sizes.

I gave one a try and they reminded me of the chocolate cornflake “cakes” I used to enjoy as a kid, only with an added Daim bar flavour that was nutty and sweet. They just worked, the flavours complimented each other perfectly, the wholesomeness of the cornflakes and the sweet Daim, I found them very moreish. I have always been a big fan of texture and these hit the spot there too, they were interesting to eat and crunchy to munch on. My only worry now is whether I will be able to get more of these. The back of the bag states they were made in Poland, but the bag is mostly in English so I’m hoping these are a proper release and not just a random import I won’t see again. Note to self, time to stock up!

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