8 August 2019

Schweinehaxe - German Pig Knuckle - warning - meat! (@NLi10)

This review is not suitable for vegetarians.

Here is a nice German local beer to save you from the meat being the picture that instagram sends to everyone.  I did quite like this even though it's not as good as the Namur one.

I resisted taking lots of pictures, the staff were very attentive - but here it is - my first ever pigs knuckle.

We have the sauerkraut style veg, the mysterious dumpling and a large section of pig that in the UK would go nowhere near a table (it's probably where pulled pork comes from though).

It's quite hard to see the dimensions here

but trust me - it's big and it's basically all meat!

And yes - it's very delicious but it's also an absolute nightmare to eat with arthritis!  The outside is mostly crackling ad burn bits (in the best possible way - it's beer infused I think)

I sent Cinabar the menu to make sure I was choosing the best local thing (Mine is the bottom one) and just went for it.

The meat was tender and tasted amazing, but my goodness was there a lot of it.  And it was in layers which freaks me out - luckily mostly wasn't recognisable but I'm definitely a fan of getting the kitchen to chop everything up small so I can manage!

I'm sure that I could manage to have this again - but if my vegetarian partner was near I just couldn't put her through the spectacle of eating this.

Amazing place and great food, but not an everyday find for me!


Anonymous said...

The next time, try Krustenbraten. It's slices of pork, with a gorgeous pork crackling along the top. It'll be easier to cut into, but still be piggy goodness. And you got the best kind of dumpling, made of potato! That's also one of my favourite Munich beers. It looks like a fab meal. :)

DW said...

The "mysterious dumpling" is Knödel. Also, the veg is krautsalat, which is basically a German coleslaw. Not quite the same thing as sauerkraut. :)