15 August 2019

Austrian Kombucha & Pancakes overlooking Salzburg (@NLi10) @carpediemtea

Salzburg was one of the workhorse locations on my trip.  I'd always fancied seeing some Mozart inspired places and didn't want a train trip to go over 8 hours.  I'd have had to change in Salzburg anyway so I stayed for 2 nights, and it was easily my favourite part of the trip.

I'd never been to Austria and my guess of 'Germany but with breathable air' wasn't far off.

I accidentally went quite a bit off course, dodged all the nice parts and went into the homes and shops part. Then to get back I had to climb up the back of another giant hill, but one that promised to have art and things at the top.

Most importantly it had a cafe.

If you see somewhere that not only has a great view of a Schloss but also puts your soft drink into the wine glass then you know you are paying for the experience but I really didn't mind.  This was my first proper look at Austria and I saw it at its best!

And they stocked the Austrian Kombucha that I'd wanted to try in Luxembourg but had the Green Tea by the same people instead.  Result.

The ingredients are in French too so hopefully this little Carpe Diem company can send some of their stuff to the UK so that I can reminisce at home about how wonderfully perfect this moment was.  Maybe Ocado or Waitrose have it.

The 'cheap for the tourists' option on the menu was apricot filled pancakes, but I needed hydration and sugar and this was spot on.  I decided to eat the botanicals. No clue whether that was the right call.

And that view!!

(shame the museum underneath was the worst on the trip - but the sound of music museum at the bottom of the hill was hilarious and really interesting so made up for it).

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