26 August 2019

Ahoj Broase Himbeer Brause-Pulver (Germany) By @Cinabar

Ahoj Broase Himbeer Brause-Pulver

One of the lovely ladies at work brought me this strange sachet and told me that it made an instant fruit flavour drink. The text on the packet is german, and I could work out that it was powder (pulver) and raspberry (himbeer) flavoured. Apparently it was part of a twin pack, and that the other side had been green and I think her son had tried that one. She said it fizzed, so the only logical next step was to add it to water and see what happened, and of course drink it!

I opened up the sachet and could see pale crystals inside. I poured myself a glass of water and added the contents and the drink did indeed fizz as the powder was added, a little like sodium bicarbonate might. The top of the drink was bubbling away quite happily.

The drink also went a shade of pink darker that the crystals themselves were in the sachet. I gave it a try and the fizziness was very mild, there isn’t enough to make it feel like a regular glass of fizzy pop, but it is still there. The flavour was actually rather nice, it wasn’t as sweet as I imagined, the raspberry was quite zingy and refreshing. I actually liked it a lot, but I’m not sure where I would find any more? I think I had something similar once in Scotland, and a sachet of something similar in a ‘candy swap’ with someone from The States, I just can’t remember what either of those products were called. I might have to get searching.


jeremai said...

The one from the States might have been Kool Aid?

cinabar said...

That was it - Kool Aid!!! I will have to ask in my import shop if they stock it. Thanks :-)

Lisa said...

The Scottish version would have been Creamola Foam! (I think you can buy a version nowadays called Krakatoa Foam.)

paulham said...

Tang is a product that we in the UK used to get in a packet abd is still around in tub form:

cinabar said...

Oh my you guys are good. It was Creamola Foam! I will have to add Krakatoa Foam and TANG to my next amazon order!!! Thank you!! :-)