20 August 2019

Habanero Hot Wings Ridge Cut Crisps (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

My favourite flavour of crisps is chicken, but I like spicy crisps too so I couldn’t resist adding this bag of Habanero Hot Wings Ridge Cut Crisps to my basket as I was wandering around Marks and Spencer food hall, it seemed to be a good combination of flavours. Although I say I like spicy crisps my tolerance for chilli is average, I’m not one of these people who want the spice to set fire to my tastebuds. This meant that after I got home | found myself googling Habanero and discovering it is a “very hot” variety, and then trying to work out if I made the right decision about these crisps.
Being brave, and in the name of Foodstuff Finds, I found myself sharing some Habanero Hot Wings Ridge Cut Crisps out with lunch. The aroma from the bag was lovely, lots of nice spice. There is also some sushi in the photo, I picked that up too in Marks, I just couldn’t resist.

The crisps seem to vary in colour with some being very strongly seasoned with and other with less built up in the ridges. I went for the darkest crisp I could find and gave it the taste test. I found that the chilli isn’t strong, I think it would be pushing it to say it was a medium heat but for me that worked out well. The taste is a nice meaty chicken flavour, and lots of warmth from spices like paprika, a nice hit of tomato and a gentle bit of chilli. I loved them, they combined my favourite flavours into one variety and were a total hit for me. I imagine some people might want more chilli heat, but I’d argue that these work perfectly as they are, and you don’t need a killer burn to enjoy spiced chicken. Habanero maybe, but not that much of it.

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