11 August 2019

German snacks & drinks odds and ends (@NLi10)

Here are some bits of German snacks and shops that aren't worth a full review!

Feast is called Nogger in Germany! I think it'd probably sell better if we called it that here too.  Despite the pack of 6 being cheaper than I'd payed for a lot of stuff out on the town I wasn't in Munich long enough to take advantage of these so didn't buy.

In the centre aisle of dreams there were little wood burning stoves and refill kits.  I know Germany isn't the biggest fan of air quality (they are ace at recycling though) but this seemed a bit much for even them.

In a posh part of one of the bigger cinemas I found Fentimans and although it's still made in Hexham they put German labels on them so they must sell a decent amount.  Hooray for them! Still the best soft drink, and if you are a bar or cafe that doesn't stock it you are fools.

We've had a lot of fuss in the UK about straws recently.  Here is a plant straw - no fuss.  Wonder if the fish can safely eat it though as that's basically the issue.  Tiny plastic in the water table is bad, but if this is fish food then go for it!

I had pretzels for breakfast in all the German countries as it's cheaper than Hotel breakfast.  Here I also had a Mezzo mix which I've had before but I'm not sure we talked about.  It's Coke and Fanta mixed together.  It's not awful, but it's not that amazing, yet I'd buy it again.  Oddly similar to Dr. Pepper though, just needs a little vanilla or something to give it that tang.  Wonder why it's not in the UK?

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evildannee said...

That Raucherbox is used to smoke woodchips on a BBQ adding to the flavour of your BBQ meat, it's not an oven of its own. If you wanna try the coke/orange mix drink with added vanilla you should order the new Orange vanilla Coke from an import shop...sounds like it will suit your tastes.