29 August 2019

The best Spar in the World? Mozart's Spar - Salzburg (@NLi10)

Sometimes tourist hot-spots have been owned and protected by their founders since the beginning.  Motzart's Birthplace has essentially been a museum since the family moved to a nicer place on the other side of the river during his childhood - and yet...

Downstairs is a Spar! Now - ordinarily this would be a bit of a tacky cash in, but they have used the space well, sell lots of very welcome cold drinks and snacks and lots of themed things.  They even put Mozart on the receipt!

I suspect it's a franchised one that is actually owned and run by the museum and saves them having a cafe (although there is a cafe connected to it due to the way these historic buildings flow.

From the museum itself you get a lovely view of people taking selfies in front of the museum.  I did the same too but my hair was very bad that day :D

This was very early in the morning before I escaped for the train.

This selfie in the reflection of Wolfgang's dad's poster is the best you'll get today.  I also went to that museum on the same day (in the place they moved to, which is a lot bigger and quieter) but they did not have a Spar.

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