19 September 2015

Black Bob Cheddar and Bitter (@1CheshireCheese, Trentham Gardens) [By @SpectreUK]

This is an unusual blog about a bitter called Black Bob that was especially brewed by Tolletts Farm in Macclesfield to wash down a good lump of The Cheshire Cheese Company’s Black Bob Cheddar Cheese. 4.5% in volume this amber ale had a hoppy bitter smell to it on popping open the 500ml bottle. This was a deep flavoursome bitter living up to its name with oodles of bitter hops bashing at my tastebuds, followed closely by malty goodness that travelled into the aftertaste to leave a wholesome traditional ale taste in my mouth.

I took a few good swigs of the bitter before moving to the lump of cheese Cinabar had kindly prepared for me from the 200g block. The cheese had a strong Cheddar smell and was a creamy yellow colour on pealing back the black wax surrounding it. I have to agree that the bitter and the cheese were made for each other (literally), although they both could easily be enjoyed separately. The combination made for an exquisite pudding. The cheese had a very strong initial Cheddar flavour that merged with a delightful creaminess that danced nimbly around my tastebuds like a cow on roller-skates. The bitter ale complemented this strong cheesy creamy flavour with its mixture of hops and barley malt. Perfectly washing each bite down and leaving a strong creamy cheese and bitter ale flavour in my mouth. An unusual pudding for me, and yet it seems like I’ve been missing out on a traditional concept that’s previously been trounced by chocolate and cakes. Time for a change I think…
By Spectre

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