28 September 2015

Nitrogenie Ice Cream @AltonTowers @Nitrogenie [By @cinabar]

We have just come back from our annual trip to Alton Towers, which we filled with much adventure, from enjoying the slides in the water park to the twists and turns of Spinball and the other great rides. On our wander through the Gloomy Wood, on the way to Nemesis, we walked past this new ice cream bar, Nitrogenie. As Alton Towers is a theme park and we were enjoying our day out we felt we should have ice creams, and Nitrogenie looked like an exciting place to try. The ice cream is made fresh in front of you, but there are no long waits here as they use Nitrogen to super quickly freeze and create instant ice cream. They also use a pinch of magic, allegedly, but it looked more like a custard base and fresh ingredients.
I went for the Salted Caramel Honey Comb Crunch, and the cook/scientist donned his goggles and set to work adding my ingredients and the cold Nitrogen to speedily turn it into my requested dessert. It was fun to watch.

The finished product can be served in a tub or cone, but I thought the tub looked a little safer. What impressed me was the consistency of the finished ice cream, because of the methodology used by Nitrogenie it gives it a super smooth finish, which just feels so lovely and velvety. I loved the flavour too, it was sweet and the caramel tones shone through. There were plenty of chocolate honeycomb chunks throughout the ice cream and sprinkled on top, the salt was just a mild hint. These added a lovely flavour, and gave a nice mixed texture to the tub of ice cream.
All in all this was a fun way to enjoy an ice cream at a theme park, it's nice to watch them making it and the finished product is good as it is just so very silky. Novelty yes, but why not when you are at Alton Towers.
By Cinabar

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