7 September 2015

Butterkist Discoveries - Hickory BBQ Pulled Pork Popcorn (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

If you were to ask me what flavours I think are trending for 2015 I would without a doubt say Salted Caramel and Pulled Pork. One of those two flavours sounds like it's going to work really well as a popcorn variety, one does not. Butterkist are a little more adventurous than that though and went for both. Oh yes, this new popcorn flavour really does have a Pulled Pork seasoning and the concept did leave me a bit speechless, partly because it's an odd flavour but partly because I wouldn’t have thought Butterkist would go for something like that.
We weren’t sure when to eat this popcorn, do you have it with a film or as a crisp replacement? We went with the latter, and poured some out with our sandwiches. The popcorn has a brown dusting of seasoning and smells a little smoky. Once I tried this popcorn I made the mental note that Butterkist are indeed geniuses. The flavour is out of this world, and as is if trying to make Hickory BBQ Pulled Pork Popcorn work, they also added a level of sweetness too, which really shouldn't help but I can’t tell you just how magic it is. Each piece is quite heavily seasoned too, and they do have a strong taste.
Every piece of firm popcorn in the bag tastes slightly different, the pieces vary from surprisingly sweet barbecue sauce through to quite savoury edgy smokiness and every single one of them is an absolute pleasure to eat. The sweet taste shouldn’t work with a barbecue taste, it should be too sugary, but it does work. More than that, its fantastic. The more savoury smokiness to that taste just balances it out.
This isn’t some flash in the pan novelty flavour, this is a clever flavour combination that is moreish and pleasurable. When I bought this bag I was one hundred percent sure I wasn’t going to say this, but heck I’m going back for more.
By Cinabar

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