25 September 2015

New Cadbury Hot Cakes - Butterscotch (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

These must be selling like hot cakes...it's difficult to resist using that line when this new product from Cadbury is actually called Hot Cakes. Technically they are room temperature cakes until you microwave them, but thats just me being a bit pedantic.
Any these new Cadbury Hot Cakes come in a box with two chocolatey squares inside, and the pack states they should be microwaved for 15 seconds, but not to do two at a time, which is oh so tempting. These are quite chunky pieces of chocolate sponge and aren't at all pop tart like, and certainly would be suitable for breakfast. When I first rad the press release they sounded like you’d be able to toast them too, but they are too chunky and sticky for that.
They consist of two layers of chocolate sponge, a butterscotch filling and a good coating of Cadbury chocolate, with a decoration on top too.

I microwaved them (oh let's pretend I microwaved both at the same time as a science experiment and not because I'm a rebel or lazy). Anyway I only did two for twenty seconds and the butterscotch liquified and started oozing out, so they were clearly "done".
The flavour was awesome, the chocolate sponge was rich and sweet, and the texture was firm but still fluffy. The butterscotch added a lovely caramel taste throughout and the gave the hot cakes a nice sugar rush.
I think these Hot Cakes should be a cupboard staple, they are so quick to heat and serve and yet taste and feel like a proper hot pudding. I think they would even take a dose of custard really well and that would turn them into an extra special treat. The chocolate and butterscotch flavour is just super yummy.
By Cinabar

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