9 September 2015

Snaffling Pig Salt and Vinegar Pork Crackling (@SnafflingPigCo) [By @SpectreUK]

Snaffling Pig were set up in Aylesbury in November 2014 and very kindly sent us their Salt and Vinegar flavoured Pork Crackling and also Pig of Doom, which I'll try at a later date. The 1500ml (350g) jar of pork crackling looked pretty intimidating when I took it out of the box. Apparently they are also available in 50g bags. They donate 25p for every jar sold to Action Against Hunger (which is pretty ironic when you realise just how greedy I am). Back to the 1500ml jar on my lap. I don't think I've seen so much pork crackling in one place before. Usually it's in smaller packets.

Double cooked these pork crackling have a light crunch and are in no way teeth breaking. So teeth friendly to my old gnashers and they taste so good. There was a strong salty and pork crackling smell on opening the jar. The pork crackling themselves literally burst with flavour. First comes oodles of saltiness mixed with the pork, then the vinegar comes galloping behind creating a lip-smackingly sumptuous salty vinegary pork flavour in the aftertaste that just begs for more. Sharing jar my foot! I have to go find beer...
Available from: http://www.snafflingpig.co.uk
By Spectre

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