10 September 2015

Klopsy w sosie pomidorowym/pieczeniowym (Polish meatballs) [by @NLi10]

I am overjoyed when I find exciting Polish things to review - even using my rare and appropriate diet breaks to do so.  Here we see meatballs and sauces to try. I probably didn't need to buy both, but sometimes it's easier than making a decision in the shop (Asda).

This is what they serve it like

This is my more realistic version! 

On a bed of waitrose pasta and bad kitchen lighting the tomato sauce looks much browner than it actually was. Granted it's not the bright red sugar sauce that Heinz raised us Brits on... I found the meatballs to basically be the flavour of ravioli centres, which meant with the red sauce and pasta it was a really pleasant dish. A decent size for one person too. Not quite a startling revelation of earthy flavours like I was hoping but a good solid meal.

A few days later I tried the gravy version

This time with vitamins!

I preferred this sauce, but only a little, I think that the overall flavours worked better. Was more like an IKEA meatball in gravy dish (incidentally the IKEA meatballs are much better quality but do have a smell that unnerves the vegetarian in my house and attracts the cats).

Of the two I'd probably pick up the second given the choice, but I was expecting something closer in wow factor to the Look What I Found range so was a little disappointed. If you want giant ravioli centres in a Euro style sauce then these are good.

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