20 September 2015

Peru - land of Avocados [by @NLi10] @avocadoBrother

Once again we trek to the tiny post office the UPS guys deliver the big boxes to, and once again we get exotic fresh food from around the world - in a themed parcel.

This time it was from Peru.

The groovy black box with stylised writing opens to reveal...

A small box and a lot of red paper which hides...

Velociraptor eggs!

Ok, so these are actually advocados but a boy can dream, right?

The red box contains a glass/resin mix coaster with some hand woven textiles in it. It's quite sweet and looked breakable (cats) so went straight to work.

And hidden right at the bottom of the parcel was a lovely document case which happens to be a perfect fit for my iPad Air! I'll stick to my more robust case I think, but this is a nice option for a more fun occasion.

Oh yes - the food!  Avocados are a strange thing, they seem to be something people either love or avoid.  These are the darker Hass variety, which is a specialty of Peru.  They also require perfect timing to get them when they are ripe, but you can always slow nature down with the fridge.

It's easy to get the edible bits out with a spoon, a bowl full of tasty tasty avocado bits.

And here we can see my attempts to lightly fry it before adding the rest of the ingredients. Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic with the tomatoes and herbs in it - I must have been too hungry. We had it as a kind of salad/sauce on pasta which was healthy and delicious. And we still have some left for lunches.

I'd quite like to go to Peru, and now I know they have healthy fresh veggie food available I've got no excuses!

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