16 September 2015

Ceylon Lemon Tea Drink (Day In Supermarket) [By @SpectreUK]

Made by Vitasoy in Hong Kong this Ceylon Lemon Tea Drink was served in a cardboard carton with phrases printed on it such as; "unique tea taste" and "irreplaceable taste". I've never liked lemon tea, so I was a bit concerned even with the phrases printed on the carton. I was a bit apprehensive before opening and was starting to wonder why I'd bought the drink in the first place. However with some trepidation, but not much as I considered how bad could it be, I popped out the straw and opened the carton. After a couple of sips I realised I liked it. I'd left the carton in the fridge all day and quickly realised I like cold lemon tea. A fact that I had no idea of until today. I hate hot lemon tea with a passion. It makes me feel like I'm drinking a cold remedy! This carton of cold lemon tea had a light mix of Ceylon tea and black tea to it and a decent, but not over sweetness. Very refreshing and not one bit like a cold remedy.

Information on the carton
250ml carton with 42 calories per 100g, 0g of fat and 10.5g sugar. Ingredients included; water,mustard, lemon juice from concentrate (0.5%), Ceylon tea (0.2%), tea (0.2%), acidity regulator (E330 and E331), flavouring, and antioxidant (E300 and E301).
By Spectre

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