12 September 2015

Knock 'em Back Beer (Cosford Food Show, Golden Valley Brewery) [By @SpectreUK]

Some may recall that I was dragged to my first food show which was held a few weeks ago at Cosford Air Museum. I'd managed to look around most of the museum by the time Cinabar called me over with the promise of free booze. Amongst the beers and ciders I picked up was this bottle of Knock 'em Back from the Golden Valley Brewery in Hereford. This premium bitter is their tribute to hard working country folk. I can't quite claim to be hard working at the moment, but I have been slowly editing my almost completed dissertation today and after recently applying to hundreds of jobs I've finally bagged an offer and accepted a role in my future career. In a couple of years of on the job training I'll hopefully become a fully chartered surveyor. I guess I'll be requiring plenty of 'real beer' during and after that time, so without further ado I opened the bottle. This golden ale had an instant malty bitterness from the well merged malts and hops that pounced on my tastebuds straight away, and lips-smackingly so right through to the aftertaste. I could really get the feel of drinking a full-bodied tasty strong real ale brewed traditionally for traditional country folk. A real treat for a townie such as I who doesn't venture out to the country pubs enough. Maybe I should take drive out there and find a good country pub to have a ploughman's lunch and a strong ale to wash it down with? For now I'll rather enjoy this real ale in the comfort of suburbia.

Information on the bottle;

500ml at 5% volume. Ingredients included; malts, barley, hops, water and yeast (usual stuff then...).
By Spectre

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