4 September 2015

Pastinos - Tomato and Sweet Basil - Pasta Crisps (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

When I first heard about these new crisps I have to admit to not really thinking they would work. You see although I mentioned crisps, these are actually made out of pasta, the bag proudly states 100% pasta too. I immediately pictured some overly crunchy, hard if you like, bits of pasta, and the thought wasn't exactly appetising.
New is new though and once I saw them in the supermarket I found them jumping to get into the basket. I picked this tomato and basil flavour as Pastinos are Italian based and this sounded like the best themed variety for that.
We decided to share them at lunch and they were poured out into bowls. They looked like penne pasta tubes, seasoned with a reddish brown sprinkle. Now the first thing you notice when you bite in is that the texture is actually amazing. They are crunchy, but somehow light and fluffy too. They completely nailed the texture, I don’t know what I had been worried about. The seasoning was spot on as well, sweet tomato, but a lovely savoury herby aftertaste from the basil. The flavour added to the Italian feel and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed them, so much so I’m going to buy the other flavours next time I’m at Waitrose!
By Cinabar

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