17 September 2015

Thai Fruits - Rambutan & Mangosteen (Asda) [by @NLi10]

As part of the final few weeks of the fruit and veg based diet experiment I decided to try these exotic Thai fruits.  I was sure I must have had some as part of the fruit breakfasts that we got in the hotels, but didn't remember either of them.

There are three of each in a box, and a little pamphlet that I presumed told you how to eat them.

Unfortunately it did not - but I'd looked at the solo versions of the packets in Asda and so knew they were basically exotic stone fruits.

First up I tried the spikey Rambutan.  Slicing around the edge exposed something that looked like an undersea monster and not a fruit. It had a certain lychee like quality to the fleshy bit.

The flavour was sweet and familiar, I've had something that tastes like this before - possibly a Thai fruity drink. Really quite pleasant in flavour and texture, but the stone and casing mean that it's not all that easy to eat on the go. You also need a few to be satisfied!

Finally I tried the mangosteen.

This was a tough hide to cut through and the first thing my Tesco fruit knife hasn't butchered with ease.  Once the waxy hide is torn asunder the middle looks a bit like a white brain. I expected it to pulse.

The little segments are soft and both sweet and sour in quite an unexpected way - it's practically candy! The larger segment hides the stone so is more of a challenge to eat.  Again this was an unexpected hit.

Neither of these tasted like I had expected and both would be something I'd want again without hesitation if they were easier to open and contained more fruit! I guess I'm just a picky western consumer, and jealous that the fruit has probably travelled more than me.

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