8 September 2015

Fox’s Glacier Sweets - Pop Bottle Favourites (Pound World) [By @Cinabar]

Fox’s Glacier Sweets are a British classic boiled sweet, and the most famous variety being their Glacier Mints. They do have fruit varieties too, but it seems a while since I last saw a Limited Edition from them. This year they have released Pop Bottle Favourites with all the sweets flavoured like a classic soft drink. The new sweet flavours from Fox’s did sound like a good mix.
Now one of the problems with all the mixed bags of Ssweets from Fox’s is trying to work out which flavour your have picked. There isn’t a clue on the wrapper, so you end up holding them to the light to try and decipher the variety through the white wrapper. I did manage to work my way through all five of the new flavours:

The Lemonade sweet was a pale yellow in colour. It was a nice flavour, but mild rather than zingy. Still refreshing though.

Cream Soda
The pink sweet was the Cream Soda version. Its not necessarily the obvious choice of colour, but that aside the flavour was lovely. A hard boiled vanilla sweet works a treat.

A more obvious choice in colour was the light green for Limeade. This one had a nice bit of tang to it, and it reminded me of the lime cordials you can buy.

Ginger Ale
This one is a brownish orange in colour. I thought it had an odd taste, as it was quite a spicy ginger flavour, but there was a hint of something bitter with it too. I wasn’t a fan of this sweet, but then I’m not much of ginger beer drinker.

Dandelion and Burdock
The photo makes it look black, but it is actually a dark purple. It is difficult to describe Dandelion and Burdock if you haven’t tried it, but this did hit the flavour perfectly. It was sweet, herby, almost liquorice like, and fab. Definitley my favourite in the range.

Most of the new flavours were hits for me, I just wasn’t keen on the ginger one. They do make a nice selection for a variety bag, and the Dandelion and Burdock sweet is a fab new edition.
By Cinabar


Farahmarra said...

The ginger ale sweet is absolutely disgusting. I love to drink ginger ale and have a bottle chilling in the fridge as I write this however it tastes NOTHING like the monstrosity in this bag. I had to spit it out.

On a lighter note all of the others are lovely expecially the dandelion and burdock one yum yum!

Unknown said...

I found out about these a couple days ago and can agree on the ginger one which should have been left out, with perhaps a bubblegum flavour as a replacement? Or cherry-ade.. or iron-bru! Any of these would have been better I think.

My favourite is Cream Soda. :)