22 September 2015

Golden Oreo (Morrisons) [By @Cinabar]

I have to start with a big thanks to a lovely lady from work for finding these for me. My local supermarkets (Sainsburys/Aldi) don’t seem to have them so I’m a bit late to the party in trying them.
These are a new flavour from Oreo (for the UK at least) and unlike the peanut butter “flavour” ones don’t have a Limited Edition labels attached to them, so I’m assuming they are a more permanent addition.
The biscuits have the usual “stuff” inside, ie a sweet vanilla cream, but this time the biscuits are golden instead of the usual dark almost black cocoa colour. They look nice and immediately I’m reminded me of custard creams.

I have to admit I always thought the reason I like Oreos so much was due to the combination of dark biscuit and vanilla filling, but I think it might be the filling that triggers it, because these were divine. These stand so well without the chocolate that clearly the “stuff” holds its own and that Oreo know how to make a good golden biscuit. The flavour is lovely and sweet and the creamy vanilla filling just work so well together. I’m just hoping our local Sainsburys stock them soon because I need another pack.
By Cinabar

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