18 September 2015

Beer52 - Beer Club - @Beer52HQ [By @Cinabar]

Spectre was recently asked if he wanted a sample box from the Beer52 beer club. Obviously he said yes, and this fantastic box arrived.
The idea of the club is that they send their members a selection of either 8 or 10 great beers every month, with a snack and a copy of their magazine Ferment. The beers are exclusive or small batch beers, so the chances are you will never have tried them before. When Spectre first heard this he took it with a pinch of salt, he has reviewed 120 beers here at Foodstuff Finds, which is rather impressive. He is the sort of person who has exceeded any supermarket supplies, however impressive the shelf, he has usually tried them all. Yes I probably should be worried! :-D
His face lit up when the box arrived, they were all new to him. Every single one! Some of the beers were foreign, and they had intriguing names. They were all carefully chosen to provide an interesting selection of goodies, and Spectre was reading all the labels in anticipation.
The magazine was a nice edition giving some background on the beers, and a bag of spicy popcorn works well for any beer fan.
If the excitement from Spectre is anything to go buy, I think this is the kind of neat selection of beers that is an absolute ideal gift for any beer connoisseur.
Spectre will be reviewing the beers very shortly, he can’t wait to get stuck in.
Their website is available here: Beer52.

You can also get £10 off your first box using the code: FOODSTUFF10
By Cinabar

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