15 September 2015

New Thorntons' Toffee Apple Caramels [By @Cinabar]

Thorntons have released three new chocolates for the autumn season; these Toffee Apple Caramels, Toasted Marshmallow chocolates and some white chocolates flavoured with candy floss! They are all based after seasonal sweet treats. The Marshmallow ones have already been reviewed, and the candy floss ones will be following shortly. All are available either in the mixed box selections or in individual bags like these ones.
There are eight chocolates in the bag and they are shaped liked chocolate cups. The base chocolate is standard Thornton's milk chocolate and the filling is a fruity liquid caramel.
I was impressed that the milk chocolate was quite thick, its creamy sweet flavour complementing its sweet filling. The apple is not subtle, it is gorgeously fruity and teams up with rich but sweet caramel oh so well. It is like eating a toffee apple in that it is very sweet, perhaps too much for some, but it does exactly what it aims too.
These chocolates bring back that wonderful childhood feeling where overloading the sweet taste buds is part of the fun. These are definitely my favourite so far, the marshmallow ones were subtle, but these don’t have that issue. They are a great twist on the regular Thorntons' liquid caramel chocolates. There is a hint of novelty but in summary a fab new product.
By Cinabar

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