26 September 2015

Curious Brew Lager Beer (Waitrose @ChapelDownWines) [By @SpectreUK]

The curious name of this beer took my fancy when I first saw it. There is a question mark on the bottle cap that also heightened my curiosity. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but from reading the label this 4.7% volume premium lager beer sounded like a curious treat rather than a curious killer. Produced by the Chapel Down Winery in Kent, which is England’s leading winemaker, this beer was brewed with pale malt, Saaz and Cascade hops. It was then re-fermented with Champagne yeast and a rare hop called Nelson Sauvin, which has a unique fragrance or so the bottle label curiously lead me to believe. I popped open the 330ml bottle and took a hefty whiff like a food blogger in a warzone. The pale malt shone through in the odour just above the mixture of bitter hops crashing into each other like three armies with their shield walls. This golden lager filled my expectant beer glass fizzing and bubbling like a playful liquid hand grenade. I was already licking my lips before I set my tastebuds to the task. This is a full-bodied bitter biter of a lager that keeps giving flavour throughout each mouthful. There’s citrus undertones, flowery overtones and the pale malt whirling around the twisting squirming battling hops like a bomber with it’s bay doors open. What a lager, what a beer. Curiosity just made this cat want more and more…
By Spectre

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