1 September 2015

Cadbury Milk Tray - Now With New Chocolates [By @Cinabar]

I’d like to start this post with a big happy birthday to Milk Tray. It has been 100 years since Milk Tray first appeared on the shelves. Although I’m not that old, I do have fond memories of Milk Tray over the years, always having them in the house at Christmas time and of course the iconic “All because the lady loves” adverts.
When Cadbury got in touch and asked if I’d like to try the new relaunched edition, I had to say yes. When the box arrived I I was very impressed by the design. The packaging has had a bit of a reboot and looks more modern, but still keeps the Milk Tray theme.
Once the box was open my very frst comment was, “Where's the Turkish Delight?”. Its gone, it is one of my favourite Milk Tray chocolates so I wasn’t too pleased. Trying to focus on the more positive things I spent a few minutes scanning the chocolates for the new ones. There are three:

Truffle Heart
I’m going to be honest this didn’t sound like the most exciting new addition to the range. It is just a chocolate truffle in a chocolate shell. It is nice and sweet and creamy, and does exactly what it sets out to do. It is a good chocolate, just not one that stands out for being different.

Salted Caramel Charm
Okay this chocolate was an obvious choice. There has always been a solid caramel in Milk Tray, and this chocolate replaces that. It is still is the firm caramel but now has a touch of salt, which is very much on trend. To be honest hard sticky toffees aren’t my thing, but I have to admit the salty nature of this one did impress me. The salt was stronger than expected but combined with the sweet rich caramel taste, it was a lovely addition.

Apple Crunch
Of all the new flavours this one caught my attention the most. It is a white chocolate apple flavoured truffle, with a cinnamon crunch encased in milk chocolate. I’m sure regular readers will know my love of cinnamon, so I was keen to tuck in. The apple taste wasn’t too strong, just providing a little fruitiness, and the gentle spice added a lovely warm hint to the flavour. My only issue was the crunchy nature of the chocolate as it was just a bit a bit too crunchy.

Have you tried the new flavours? Which is your favourite?
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

I thought they were all terrible apart from the apple crunch :( I think Cadbury chocolate just isn't for me anymore.

cinabar said...

I still like Cadbury chocolate - but the new Milk Tray aren't as exciting as I'd hoped :-(

Anonymous said...

I received 3 boxes of milk tray this xmas - but I am seriously disappointed...no Turkish Delight! I do like the salted caramel but the other two new ones are poor substitutes.Can we start a 'TD Comeback' campaign?!!

Anonymous said...

Just opened a box of milk tray I revived for Christmas. What no Turkish delight!! Soooo disappointed I was really looking forward to it. Box now discarded on table with none eaten .

Disappointed Dot said...

Got 3 boxes of Milk Tray for Christmas. Lucky Me you may say but No Turkish delight. Always a fight in our house who can get to the Turkish Delight first. Two boxes now remain unopened. No enthusiasm about the contents. Caused a lot of consternation over the Christmas period. Please bring back our favourite.

Anonymous said...

Opened the traditional big christmas box...found no tukish delight...tried an apple crunch...Conclusion? Sealed the box back up and took it to work for any soul-less individuals to eat...Never buying again.

Anonymous said...

I just opened my final Christmas present- saved it as was so looking forward to my Milk Tray. Had no idea they had been changed. Horrified my first choice Turkish Delight wasn't there, consoled myself with second fav, starwberry cream. Sorry don't like modern salt trend so caramel was not fun. I won't be rushing to by Milk Tray again, I waited a whole month and was so disappointed

Anonymous said...

Just bought a box as a treat today, and opened it up to find my favourite 'Turkish Delight' was not in there!! Replaced by an apple and cinnamon chocolate. I will not be buying again!

Disappointed with Cadburys MilkTray selection!

Anonymous said...

Gutted, where are the Turkish delights!!? Bad move 😡😡