21 September 2015

New @J2O - Midnight Forest: Orange/Cherry/Chocolate (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I am a big fan of J2O and will happily lap up any new flavour they bring out for us. I have been loving the Garden Rose that came out for summer and was sad to see it disappear from the supermarket shelves. In its place though is another brand new J2O flavour, and it just sounded amazing.

Midnight Forest is a mix of orange, cherry and chocolate (!), this is the first J2O to contain cocoa as an added non fruity ingredient. I think with the exception of the edible glitter in Glitter Berry, all the main selling points have been the fruity combination of flavour (however the last one was rose).
The name J2O Midnight Forest will possible end up making this the drink of Halloween, with its mystical sounding theme, and its fairy tale like design on the packaging. The name and variety also reminds me of Black Forest Gateaux, which is also a combination of chocolate and cherries albeit without the orange.
Flavour wise the drink does have an orange base flavour, its quite strong and zesty but nicely sweet too. The next taste to hit is the rich sweet cherry taste, which ends with a delicate but pleasing hint of chocolate. I think they have been deliberately subtle with the chocolate flavour, it is a new in drink form and therefore an unusual combination. The cocoa element is there enough to raise the flavour and add its soothing taste, without stopping this being essentially what it should be, a fun but fruity drink.
I bought two packs of four of these bottles, and having now tried them I’m really pleased I did. I’m happy that J2O are bringing out such fun and unusual combinations, and I hope this one gets the status that Glitter Berry has, where fans keenly await its return each year.
By Cinabar

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eripmav said...

Used to love J2O, then Britvic decided to replace some of the sugar with artificial sweetener. Can't stand it now, it's absolutely terrible. I can't be the only one who can't abide artificial sweetener hidden in drinks.