27 September 2015

Fuhrman Revisited [@NLi10]

A short few weeks ago I tried embarking on the Fuhrman diet - and 8 weeks later here is what happened!


Eat Lots Of Fruit 

This was easy for me. Plenty of berries, loads of stone fruit (plums and such), avocados (are they fruit - they must be), and then even more berries. I basically replaced all my snacks with fruit.

Eat Mostly Raw Fresh Food

Health = Nutrients per Calorie.  Maximising this is the secret to healthfulness! (Apparently)

This is what lunch looks like. This has been the most simple and effective change to do. Get a £2 Tesco salad bowl - add nuts, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar. Takes a while to eat, but worth it. Full all afternoon. Granted I think the salad bowl was designed for two, but frankly it's about the right size.

And in 8 weeks, despite two festivals and a lot of eating out I lost a stone. For context, that's pretty much all my excess body fat gone - according to the BMI calculator I'm now underweight again! This wasn't the goal - I wanted to get healthier and gain wait, but burning off the fat without doing any extra excercise was an unexpected bonus.

Things I Failed On 

Treats and things like meat are supposed to be rare and appropriate. For me this became far too regular - I wanted to eat out and eat well but it was just impossible. Festivals were all pies and noodles - and when the events are pre catered you can't do much about that.

I managed to switch breakfasts to soy milk and porridge with fruit on which was very successful, but by the end of the weeks I was back on the cornflakes (plain ones) for speed.

Evening meals were awkward due to cooking for two, but apart from adding non whole meal grain I largely stuck to it.

Im amazed it worked as well as it did to be honest, but I think that if I'd stuck to it fully I'd have done even better. I'd have had to up the veg I ate to get to the calories I need though!

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