3 July 2011

Lifestyle Organic - Organic Thai Rice (Red Kite Healthfoods, Bromsgrove) [by @NLi10]

This is a continuation of the Lifestyle Organic range products that I thought I'd try out.

The Organic Thai Rice option is probably the most normal of all the ones I purchased. It's just rice, but with the added bonus of a few bits and bobs in there to make it more exciting. It's not quite instant rice and requires a few minutes of boiling to get the end product but it's worth it and is much nicer than similar microwave versions. Also I measured out the water and followed all the instructions.

The flavour of the rice is good and reasonably strong. It's also quite fluffy and light. Half a pack for lunch did leave me a bit hungry though so I'd choose to have the whole pack in future. I do like my rice and pasta though so maybe it's suitable for two as light snacks or as part of a proper meal. I could happily eat this again, but it's a little expensive for what it is and I'd probably just mix regular rice with my Schwartz Cook-In spices - I should probably review those as they are a great secret for any person who likes cooking but not faff.

I shall continue to work my way through the range of little gold bags. No disappointments so far.
By NLi10

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Oscar said...

would be nice to see it out of the package