4 July 2011

Paynes Poppets [New] Strawberry Milkshake Flavour (Local Sweet Shop) [By @Cinabar]

These caught my eye tucked away on a busy shelf of an independent sweet shop in Cardiff. When I got them home, I had a bit of a google, and these chocs aren’t even mentioned on the Poppets website (yet).
I always get nostalgic when it comes to Poppets, as they are one of the sweets I associate with childhood, but I will try and put aside any bias a little.
The pink box is very bright, and the flavour is that of strawberry milkshake, not just strawberry, which is a little bit of fun. I just can’t believe we didn’t already have a fruit cream Poppet available!

I bit one in half, and discovered that the filling was very pale in colour, which fits with their ‘no artificial colourings’ spiel on the back of the box. I noticed that the sweets had a strange but pleasant texture, they were quite firm but seemed to melt a little as they were chewed. It was a little like a ball of icing or now I think about it Edinburgh Rock. It was a nice texture, but certainly not the soft cream I expected. The flavour was very sweet and shouted strawberries with a nice milky aftertaste. As with all Poppets the coating is a bit basic, it is glazed too so looks shiny. The coating does add a pleasant chocolate tone to the flavour and its combination with the strawberry makes them an enjoyable treat. You just have to remember the target market isn’t the connoisseur it is a pocket money audience, and these chocs do a good job of filling that spec.
If you like your strawberry creams or your retro sweets then this pack will make you smile as you munch. I don’t know how we’ve gone so long without a strawberry Poppet before, it seems such a natural addition to the range and fits in really well with their other products. I do hope it’s a permanent addition!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

The name & packaging is very cute.
"Poppet" gives off such a nice & cozy British vibe.

Linz said...

I tried these a while ago and thought they were absolutely awful! Just like lumps of vaguely strawberryish sugary icing. The "chocolate" is so tasteless it might as well not be there! I was so upset :(

Gradio said...

Fruit Cream Poppets existed years ago, they were awesome, far better than the mint ones. They disappeared maybe 8/9 years ago? There were individually packaged Orange Poppets as well, but I'm pretty sure the original fruit cream poppets had a strawberry flavour in them.

Jisoo said...

Hi, I want you to try Japanese snack called choco ball from Morinaga, which is similar market target with poppet. But the choco ball series (4 kinds)are very nice and fun to eat.

cinabar said...

S.Emerald - The sweets and boxes are super cute too.

Linz - the choc on Poppets has never been good, but I always end up forgiving them.

Gradio - Now you mention it I do remember the orange ones - but sadly not the mixed fruit creams.

Jisoo - I will ask about them when I'm next at the Import shop - hope they can find them for me :-)

Anonymous said...

I've waited nearly 15yrs for poppets to bring out a fruit cream again the originals were my favourite. I remember when they were discontinued I walked into my local petrol station and they were in a basket all 20p, I bought the lot cause I knew it would be the last time I could get them. When the orange ones arrived they were not the same as covered in dark chocolate instead of milk. So as you can imagine I am very happy at the moment and maybe a bit of a saddo, I just hope I can find them easily as found them at sweet stall in market. NExt campaign is bring back treats

cinabar said...

Glad you are pleased at the Poppets return!

Sadly Mars Treets we re-launched Summer 2009, but then they were discontinued - again. :-(