22 July 2011

Zotter Pineapple & Cashew Nut Chocolate (Germany) [By @Cinabar]

Did I mention that my dad brought back some fab chocolate from Germany? This is the second of the bars he brought back. As flavours go, it isn’t as odd as the other Zotter bar he brought me (review to follow) but it is still notably different to anything available in the UK.
This chocolate creation is a nice exotic twist on a fruit and nut bar, but the filling is smooth rather than textured with pieces.
I broke a chunk of the bar off and it came away very easily, as the filling is rather soft. The chocolate coating is quite thin, but the centre looks very substantial.
I was impressed with the flavour. The filling had a natural sharp pineapple taste, not marred by too much sugar and wasn’t overly sweet. The cashew nut taste was distinct and added a nice woody contrast to the flavour. The taste of the bar was quite busy, but the good dark chocolate coating held it all together and made it all work. The centre of the filling is very easy to eat as it is so soft. I like the texture of it, as it still had sustenance and was pleasantly granular in structure.
I felt that this bar had a clever mix of flavours and worked remarkably well, with good natural tastes. If you can find the Zotter range in the UK, I heartily recommend giving them a try because they are a well thought through bars with a clever range of varieties.
By Cinabar


Ana said...

Sounds like another bar I'll put on my "Zotter bars I want to try" list :)

I loved every Zotter bar I have tried so far. It's true that I have stayed away from those that I knew wouldn't work for me. They're quite expensive so I played it safe ;) choosing bars like these. They're still a bit unusual (there aren't that many apple chocolate bars out there - I can only think of a few brands that make such bars... Blanxart, Tohi, Heidi, Shokomonk, Rosenauer; and I have never tried another chocolate with walnut & marzipan in rum), but they're not as crazy as most of the other Zotter bars.

Lot-O-Choc said...

Mmm i like the look of this Zotter bar..the only one Ive tried of their unusual creations is the fish guts and raspberry...which wasnt particularly pleasant whatsoever.

cinabar said...

Ana: I bet that honey and apple one was lovely?

Lot-o-choc: I didn't know they made a fish guts and raspberry one - eeek.