11 July 2011

[New] Giant Extremely Chocolatey Cookies (By Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

One of my biscuit weaknesses are giant cookies. When I’m in Subway, I can never resist their meal deal with the cookie, and if I’m in a cafe a coffee and giant cookie can be rather tempting. I don’t tend to buy giant cookies from the supermarket, as you never really find them on the biscuits shelves – until now!

The fab looking cookies are Sainsburys own, and come in this lovely looking cookie stack with 5 biscuits. The biscuits are a decent size, large and having a good thickness. They look very naughty as they are covered in chocolate drops, in both milk and white chocolate.
When I was eating them I discovered that there seemed to be even more chocolate than just that which was visible. Every bite had multiple chunks, I’ve never had anything quite like it. The base was spot on too. It had a good baked taste, and again lots of chocolate. The texture was quite firm, but still airy and fluffy and rather crumbly too. I ate mine cold, straight out of the pack, but there is an alternative. There is a serving suggestion to say that if you prefer your biscuits moist and sticky that you can microwave them for 35 seconds! This is genius, as it means you can have moist just baked style biscuits whenever you fancy, and it caters for both markets!
This biscuit was a piece of total chocolate indulgence, and I think it will prove rather popular for Sainsburys. There is also an Oat & Raisin flavour out, so I will be picking up a box of them when I next there. If these are anything to go by, they will be worth it.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Oat & raisin
Extremely Chocolatey
Raspberry & White Chocolate
Chocolate Chunk + Hazelnut

Thats the new giant cookies from sainsburys, im sure there is one more but i cant remember what it is.

Sakura said...

I microwaved them as stated and it didn't really work. The cookie stayed powdery and the chocolate just turned liquid.