13 July 2011

Warburtons New Baked Pitta Chips – Sour Cream & Chive (Sainsburys) [@Cinabar]

This is a new snacking product from Warburtons who are usually famed for their loaves of bread. It consists of triangles of pitta bread which are baked until crisp, and then seasoned. I say ‘new’ which is justified by the big ‘new’ label top left on the bag, but my Spidey Senses picked something up. These snacks felt really familiar, and after a bit of a search I found that I had reviewed a very similar sounding Warburtons Chippidy DooDaa Pitta Chips last summer.
These chips are triangular in shape, and look rough on one side, and smooth underneath. They are a nice golden baked colour. These pitta chips are loaded with Sour Cream & Chive flavouring, but other flavours available include Salt & Black Pepper and Salt & Vinegar. They had a full on flavour that was impressively intense. It was both slightly creamy, but mainly full of onion tasting chive, and really nice. If you like sour cream and chive crisps, or indeed cheese and onion I would suggest giving these a try.
They had a lovely crunchy too, they were crisp and moreish, and the textured softened very gently as they were chewed. They felt light, but natural and were very easy to eat. I felt that these were a great alternative to crisps, and as they are baked so they are healthier and have less fat. Having said that, they taste so good that you wouldn’t know they were lower fat – which is always a bonus when you realised that you’ve munched your way through the whole bag! :-D
By Cinabar

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