16 July 2011

Lakeland Special Tea (Penrith) [By @Spectre]

This Lakeland Special Tea is blended by John Farrer & Co in Kendal, Cumbria. They have been a tea and coffee merchants since 1819. I was quite excited to find a unique tea I’d never tried before. There are instructions to make a perfect pot on the side of the box. Recommending the best way to keep the tea bags fresh is in an airtight container. The box states to always use boiling water and a warmed teapot. I went straight for a mug, as I was in a rush for my first cup of tea after a busy morning at work.
I’d had a rotten journey and was half an hour late due to problems with the trains and a nutter with a bad temper trying to pick a fight with the bus driver. The box suggests to leave the tea to infuse for a few minutes and either have it with milk or lemon. I added milk (as I was fresh out of lemons!!) and left the teabag in the mug for a few minutes. After leaving to cool I braved a taste. This makes a lovely strong English Breakfast blend of tea. I could pick out the fortitude of Assam mixed with the smoothness of Ceylon. The tea is easy to drink and a pleasure to wake up to, especially soothing on a hectic morning after giving up on the bus and walking for half an hour. Once I reached the bottom of my mug, I couldn’t help looking forward to the next brew.
By Spectre

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