2 July 2011

Piper’s Honey Farm – Honey Fudge (Westmoreland Service Station) [By @SpectreUK]

Honey fudge sounds like every teddy bear’s dream. We’ve already found honey marmalade, which all good teddy’s eat by the bucket load and of course there’s honey beer to wash it down with. Now we’ve found teddy’s pudding.
Piper’s Honey Farm is set in Froxfield, Hampshire. Piper’s makes a range of fudges from vanilla flavour to fruit and nut, rum and raisin, and chocolate fudge. Piper’s also make honey toffee and a range of ceramic animals, honey pots, soaps and bath pearls. Piper’s honey fudge is a good soft biteable fudge that’s not sticky or greasy to the touch. The fudge is not overpoweringly sweet and has a mild honey flavour to it. It’s very moreish and not too sickly, so much so that I found myself with an empty 150g packet pretty quickly, and I was surrounded by some very angry teddy bears!
By Spectre

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