15 July 2011

Ryvita Crackers [Made For Cheese] Golden Rye & Black Pepper [By @Cinabar]

If there is one thing that shouldn’t be underestimated it is the simple pleasure that is cheese and biscuits. It is one of my favourite lunches, so simple to prepare and so tasty. Simply get a nice mature Cheddar, some Brie, a dollop of ploughman’s pickle and of course a pickled walnut. Obviously something else is required to fulfil the biscuit element, and on this occasion that was provided by Ryvita with their new Crackers Made For Cheese.
There are two varieties available Golden Rye & Black Pepper, and I prepared to tuck in. When I opened the first box I was really pleased to see that these crackers are sealed in sections, so that the ones you don’t eat stay fresh longer, which is a really clever idea. Obviously I don’t eat cheese and biscuits every single day!
I started with a Golden Rye cracker, and was rather impressed. It had a lovely baked flavour, which was creamy and smooth. There was a good crunch and its texture was the perfect contrast with the soft Brie.
The next flavour was the Black Pepper, which looked similar to the previous variety in appearance. The flavour was notable different though, with a spicy heat from the pepper. The good baked flavour is still present but the twist from the black pepper just gives these crackers a decent edge with the cheeses.
I was very impressed with both of these new Crackers from Ryvita, they are full flavoured and have a lovely texture. It seems like an excellent new line for Ryviat and did I mention that I love the fact that they are sealed in sections for freshness? I know I did, but that’s the first time I’ve seen that with crackers, and that alone is a selling point for me. Next time you fancy a cheese and biscuit lunch, I’d suggest giving these a try – they taste fab too.
By Cinabar

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