25 July 2011

Italian Dressing [Pizza Express] [By @cinabar]

As the summer sunshine seems to be waving its head again, it certainly feels like salad season. Pizza Express has launched a new Italian dressing to cater for this, which is also perfect for picnics and lighter dinners.
The dressing consist of all the ingredients you would put in it if you were making it yourself, lemon juice, herbs, olive oil and a spot of honey for sweetness. I poured a decent drizzle over some young green leaves and tucked in. The sauce was fresh flavoured, and there were plenty of lovely herbs in the mix. I think I could pick up on the aroma of basil and oregano giving the sauce an authentic Italian feel. The lemon juice and honey really helped bring out the flavours of the leaves and enhance the salad. Although I used it on a green salad, I’m sure it would work perfectly in a more traditional salad with tomatoes and cucumbers too.
If you are after a quick and easy salad dressing, that still retains that homemade flavour, I’d recommend giving this a try. Let’s hope the sunshine continues and we can use this to add some flavoured greens to a barbecue meat feast.
By Cinabar

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