28 July 2011

Toy Story Strawberry Cereal Bars (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

These bars are a tie in with the Toy Story movies, and they are part of a selection of products in Tesco with the branding. I also picked up some bags of mini cheese flavoured Tortilla crisps, which I’ll write about in the future.
These bars consist of a mix of oats and strawberry pieces. They are firm, slightly chewy but thankfully still a long way off being hard.
The flavour is deliberately non offensive as it is aimed at the younger lunch box market. The strawberry is sweet, fruity but rather mild. It does taste natural, so no complaints there, it just doesn’t have any zingy fruit tones. The oat flavours where pleasant and wholesome and did work well with the strawberry. The combination was good, and there was nothing inherently wrong with these bars at all, I’ll happily finish the box, I’m just not sure I’d buy them again for myself. As I have an adult set of taste buds, I was just a bit disappointed with these. I wanted stronger tastes, particularly from the strawberry.
However if you are packing the lunch box for a fussy kid, I suspect the flavour balance will be just right for them. The cute packaging is winner whatever; each bar also has a character on the inner wrapper so they look good even individually and everyone likes Toy Story. These do meet a market requirement, and I think there target audience will love them.
By Cinabar

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