8 July 2011

Ribena [New] Sparkling Raspberry Drink (WH Smiths) [@ribenauk] [By @Cinabar]

What is this new drink from Ribena? Firstly it isn’t blackcurrant flavoured, but more than that it is fizzy! It does seem a few steps away from their regular market, but innovation is good and I love a new product. Although who hasn’t tried adding fizzy spring water to Ribena cordial... mmm...
I opened up the bright pink bottle and took a sip. I was impressed by the fizz, it was good and not too strong. I have to say I liked all the bubbles as they were sparkling rather than over fizzy, it made the drink rather refreshing.
The flavour was impressive too. Although raspberries are known to be sweeter than blackcurrants, the drink still holds a decent tartness and has a pleasant tang to its flavour. The aftertaste is more mellow, but that first sip is sharp, but distinctly that of raspberry. I would say that it was a fair bit zingier than regular blackcurrant Ribena. The fruitiness was very natural, and didn’t taste at all artificial, which I was pleased about. I always associate Ribean with a ‘proper’ fruit taste and this didn’t disappoint on those grounds.
I liked the fizzy aspect of this drink, and there apparently there is also a fizzy regular blackcurrant Ribena out now too! As a fan of carbonated drinks this one is a success, and I look forward to trying the blackcurrant too!
By Cinabar

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