18 July 2011

Bassetts Jelly Mascots [Wenlock & Mandeville] [Sweets] (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

Oh my, I think these are the first of the Olympic sweets! The Olympics is coming to London in 2012, and I think we are going to be seeing a fair few goodies on the shelf celebrating!
This bag of jelly sweets consist of two different shapes, one of Wenlock and one of Mandeville who are our two Olympic mascots for the event.
Mandeville is the rounder character with one eye (the dark red and green sweets in the picture). He is named after Stoke Mandeville Hospital which has the largest spinal injuries ward in Europe, and helps to promote the Paralympics which run in parallel with the event. Wenlock is the character with the slicked back hair (orange and pale yellow sweets in the photo). Wenlock is named after a town just a stone’s throw from where I live Much Wenlock. This town was the setting for the first Wenlock Olympian Games in 1850 which was the forerunner to the modern Olympics as we know them!
Still this is a post about sweets, and history aside, it’s time to eat! There are two shapes, but four flavours in the bag:

Orange: As you could probably imagine this orange coloured sweet is also orange flavoured. It has a good strong taste that is sweet and fresh. It has a very juicy flavour, and was filled with orange goodness.

Green: This is the lime flavoured sweet in the bag, and again had a nice strong taste. It was a zesty flavour, with loads of citrus, and again very juicy.

Dark Red: When I tried this it was clearly blackcurrant in flavour, but it wasn’t as sharp as blackcurrant can be. It felt like it was softened by something, perhaps it also had a hint of strawberry. It was still a good berry taste, and was very enjoyable.

Pale Yellow: I had assumed that this might be lemon, but it seems that Bassetts went for a more tropical taste and chose pineapple. This sweet had a rich sweet flavour, and represented pineapple well, and it had a good after taste that remaindered me of pear too.

All the varieties are made with a lovely soft jelly base that is very easy to eat. They are quite squidgy, and only take a few chews to finish them. They all have good strong flavours, and are natural and tasty. If you want to get a bag for yourself, they are an exclusive to Sainsbury’s at the minute, but are well worth picking up.
By Cinabar

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