27 July 2011

Rocky Rocks: Crispy Crunch / Chocolate (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

The concept of ‘grab bags’ seems to be growing, with more and more chocolate being available in this format. Last month we saw Cadbury BiscBits creating a biscuit variety in a sharing bag, and now I’ve found these from Fox’s. The Rocky brand is a bit of a favourite, and to have it available in bags seems like a good idea to me.

Crispy Crunch
First up we have the Crispy Crunch biscuits which are a miniature version of the bars they released earlier in the year. The have the same soft but light crunchy texture, and the same sweet milk chocolate coating. They have hints of caramel and the texture makes them a pleasure to eat. I think these will go down really well in the sharing bag.

The Chocolate ones are a more of the standard biscuit you’d expect from Rockys. It is a thick biscuit with a thick portion of sweet chocolate too. There is a lovely baked wheat and oat flavour from these, sweetened from the chocolate so they were very tasty. I picked up on a little salt too, which worked well with the flavour. Again the bag didn’t last long and went down really well.

I enjoyed both types of biscuit, and am sure that the new format will work well for the brand. They really are perfect for passing round while watching a film with friends etc. Here’s to more varieties joining the concept.
By Cinabar

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