6 July 2011

Fanta Beach [New] Strawberry & Kiwi (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

I think we have established that the market forces feel that strawberry is an appropriately seasonal flavour. Fanta have cottoned on to this and brought a strawberry soft drink with a twist of kiwifruit, for a tropical edge. They have named it Fanta Beach just to make sure if it isn’t sunny outside, we still have that seasonal feeling.
I poured a glass of Beach out for myself, and saw that it was a pleasant strawberry red in colour. I gave it a sip, and the first thing I noted was that it was very sweet. Now I have a sweet tooth and it usually is quite open to all such flavours, but this was bordering on being a little bit syrupy for me.
I liked the flavour concept though, the strawberry was very fruity and had a good berry taste. The strawberry was more natural in taste than I expected, but it was still rather strong. The kiwifruit came as a more subtle aftertaste, adding a sort of watery edge to the final flavour. There was definitely another fruit present, but if someone had told me it was watermelon, I’d have believed it. Either way it did give the drink a decent finish.
On a hot Summer’s day, a glass of this while sitting in the sunshine sounds remarkably pleasant, but make sure you have your sweet tooth turned on.
By Cinabar


S.Emerald said...

Yum! I wan't that so bad. Does anyone know if it can be found in America?

CBA said...

I tried it last month when I bought a pack of 8 cans. It's not bad but not unforgettable either. Probably because, from my continental point of view, I don't associate strawberry with Summer. Anything with orange, lemon, grapefruit, passionfruit or mango, yes, but not strawberry.

Still, adding some kiwi flavour makes it a bit more interesting. And I like the label design. I don't know if the buildings represent Brighton or Miami Beach, but they look nice.