29 July 2011

Milka Toffee Whole Nuts (Sweden) [@choccieman] [By @Cinabar]

I am not ashamed of my sweet tooth, and I am most certainly not ashamed of favouring Milka as a favourite brand of chocolate. It is sweet, creamy and has a lovely nutty edge. Warning: This review may contain bias, but that is because Milka is fab!
Anyway Choccieman knows I’m a Milka-holic, and very kindly treated me to this bar while on his travels. You should check out his amazing website with a huge choccie database too: http://www.chocolatereview.co.uk
When I unwrapped the bar I could see that each cube of chocolate had a button of Milka chocolate on top of it, to allow for the space of the hazelnut in the mix. I tried the chocolate and wow, it really is sweet. There is loads of rich toffee flavour cream, sweet burnt sugar liquid toffee and a woody hazelnut taste too. If that wasn’t enough the Milka chocolate is also there, and adds its touch to the flavours. This bar is a sweetness overload, but in the very best way possible way and is absolutely fantastic.
It’s not subtle, it’s all the sweetest tastes together, I’ve never seen both liquid toffee and mousse combined before! The hazelnut and Milka join the party, all taking us back to the days before we cared about chocolate percentages and back to when it was okay to enjoy the sweetest of tastes. This is a sugar high like no other, and I am proud to say I can still appreciate it for what it is, Milka at its very best!
Thanks so much Choccieman for getting this for me – you rock ;-)
By Cinabar (A self confessed Milkafangirl)


Linzyloo said...

Jesus, this looks like the best thing in the world. Milka Caramel is my current favourite chocolate and the only way I can imagine it being improved is sticking nuts in there too. I need to go to Sweden, now.

Jisoo said...

Hi. I am just wondering ,which is sweeter snickers or milka toffee whole nuts? Your review makes me want to try it so much. But In Japan milka chocolate varieties are rarely available. It is a shame.

Lot-O-Choc said...

Oh i love when you go abroad and you see all the different ranges of milka theyve got, i tried a milka praline hazelnut mousse one..which although isnt something id normally go for really hit my sweet tooth mm

cinabar said...

Linzyloo - Hope you find some, it SO good.

Jisoo - This is bar is far sweeter than a Snickers, hope you find some in an import shop.

Lot-o-Choc - Think I've tried that one too - it had big chunky bubble pieces in the bar?

Anonymous said...

God ... I live in Russia and such huge VARIETIES CHOCOLATE Milken never met! This is a disgrace! How do I want to go to you .... to Germany or the United States! You-done! Nice blog!) Though you can see))) looks delicious!