9 July 2011

New Rowntrees: Sour Faces/ Very Berry Jellies / Jelly Aliens [Sweets] [By @SpectreUK]

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles have always been a favourite of mine. I generally have a roll of Fruit Pastilles on the train on the way home for a much needed sugar hit. Chocolate can melt on overcrowded public transport and I worry about caking my suit with brown goo (try not to make your own jokes there!). Fruit Pastilles are easy to eat, fruity, tasty, moreish and mess free, well, asides a little sugar coating that may have fallen off a pastille. Let’s put it this way; I’m a big fan. Therefore it was easy to answer the question from Cinabar that probably didn’t even need to be asked in the first place. “Do you want to review these three new bags of Rowntree’s gum sweets?” I replied, “Er… YES!!”

Sour Faces

These Sour Faces are presented in a good bag size for sharing, but I’m terribly selfish. There are lots of different shapes, such as noses, eyes, lips and bow ties. There are four colours; Red is a sour mild cherry flavour; Orange, which (you probably guessed it) is a sour orange flavour; Green is a sour apple flavour; and white is a sour lemon flavour. These sweets are soft, chewy gums, with a good sour taste and have the traditional Rowntrees’ moreish trait. It was almost impossible to keep my fingers from diving back into the bag whilst eating these sour gums and Cinabar didn’t get much of a look in. I would definitely buy these Sour Faced gums again.

Very Berry Jellies

This is another healthy sized sharing bag, and with healthy sounding contents. It proudly states on the front of the packet that these gums contain 50% fruit, of which are apple, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. The bag is filled with lots of smiley faced gum shapes, which are all different shades of red. There was a powerful berry smell when I opened the bag. The gums have a sweet and naturally fruity taste. I strongly believe that these gums are the work of genius. They are a triumph to the sweet market. Everyone in the world should try one, just not one of mine. After I’d slaughtered the contents of bag, a forlorn Cinabar mentioned there was an optimistic seal sticker on the back of the bag. Phah! Resealing gummy bag I don’t think.

Jelly Aliens

Normally when I read on a sweet wrapper that there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, I half expect to open an empty packet, but not with Rowntrees. There are all manners of gum shapes held within this grab bag, such as aliens, space men, flying saucers, and rockets. These shapes were presented in four colours which were; red for cherry flavour; orange for orange flavour; green for apple flavour; and dark red for blackcurrant flavour. I noticed that the green tasted like a mix of apple and pear, though strangely there was no pear in the ingredients. Letting Cinabar have a look in for a change, she agreed on the apple and pear taste. Some of the coloured shapes have white foam added on the bottom of the gum, which also tasted scrumptious. These gums tasted very nice indeed. They have the customary moreish trait and I couldn’t help wolfing them all down in record time.

Out of all the packets, I preferred the Very Berry Jellies myself, but I would happily buy either one of the other two gummy sweet bags again. I would recommend you buy two bags of each; one for gorging yourself, and the other for sharing, so your friends stay your friends when they see you devour the first bag!
By Spectre

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