20 July 2011

Seabrook Hot English Mustard Crisps (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

After the amazing reaction to the Seabrook Jacket Potato Crisps blog, I felt it was about time I gave the brand another try. I know they have a few hot flavours in their range, but this is the first time I’ve seen the Hot English Mustard ones in the supermarket near me.
The marking on the front of the bag shows that they are a 2.5 chilli heat out of a possible 3, so I was expecting a bit of a burn. The crisps are crinkle cut too, which means the flavour will gather in the extra surface area for a bigger hit!
I tipped some out to have with a roast beef sandwich, which felt quite fitting. I know English Mustard has a kick, and it has to be said these crisps too were impressively hot. They had a wonderful burn, that was tingly, spicy and strong, but they weren’t inedible! The flavour wasn’t totally over powered by the heat, there was the good sweet, sour spicy taste of mustard shining through too and they were so wonderfully moreish. These crisps weren’t just great, they were perfect. They are everything I could want from a bag of English Mustard crisp, loads of flavour, lots of heat, tangy, crunchy and absolutely spot on. Dearest Seabrook this is what you are good at, please please please get back to your roots! Forget the sugar filled salt free crisps, let’s get back to perfectly done creative flavours!
By Cinabar


paulham said...

Get the right batch of their wasabi ones and they have the same nose-tingling effect!

cinabar said...

Gosh I love wasabi... I love that feeling you get in your nose. I put too much on sushi just for the effect... I'm weird aren't I?

paulham said...

Not really. I made my own wasabi chocolate.
It rocked!