10 July 2011

Princessa Range - Nestle (Polish Grocers) [by @NLi10]

Sometimes I eat something and enjoy it so much that I mentally review it on the spot and remember to type it up that day. Other times I completely forget but become convinced that I must have reviewed it so never actually go back to write it up. This is the case with the Princessa bars. Chronologically these follow on from the Kubus and Hit reviews from May as they are from the same little Polish grocers (that I haven't been back to since then so will have to go stock up).

Nestle are a big company with lots of departments and variety across the range and countries. In the UK though I don't think we really have an equivalent to this. There are lots of EuroWafer biscuits out there - indeed the UK's own Tunnocks do a caramel one - but generally all are stodgy and heavy affairs. I bought these expecting the same but being interested in the flavours.

In reality these are much more like those little pink wafer biscuits I used to love getting from Kwik Save as a child. Light, crunchy and not all that filling as a small bite, but at these sizes and wrapped in chocolate they are fairly filling.

As it's been a while I won't go into as much detail but the flavours are White, Dark, Milk (all variations on a theme but with suitably different flavouring due to the chocolate) and Tiramisu (the Gold). This one has a bit more to it and a more deep flavour and sprinkles on the top. I expected to at least come out with a favourite, but all had their own redeeming features. Possibly the white choc one suited the lightness of the snack most, and also had a tiny amount of coconut involved in the filling pushing it over the edge.

I'll be venturing up to Cape Hill and going to buy more of these at some point, and I seem to remember there were more in the range. It seems odd that these aren't available in standard UK versions, but I guess that these are more of a treat than a filling snack and too chocolaty to be considered diet food.
By NLi10


Anonymous said...

In case you wondered, these are actually Czech wafer bars, with the flavourings in Czech - mlecna, cokolodova, etc. There are loads of variations of these, I used to nom them all the time when I lived there. :)

cinabar said...

Thanks for the comment, we will keep an eye out for the other flavours. :-)