27 August 2019

Mini Pop - Toffee (Popcorn Shed) By @Cinabar

I was very kindly gifted some of these new Mini Pop popcorn bags to try by Popcorn Shed. The idea is that these are made with a smaller “ancient grain” of white corn which creates a popcorn that is half the size of a regular piece. Apart from being cute and a novelty, these smaller pieces are easier to digest and (according to the text on the bag) they also don’t get stuck in your teeth.
I poured out the popcorn for sharing, although the whole bag only has 138 calories, so wouldn’t be too guilty if you were having it all to yourself. The popcorn is notably smaller, and the aroma of toffee was lovely. I gave one of the pieces a try and liked the flavour, the toffee was sweet but had a nice hint of salt to which enhanced the sugary flavour. These aren’t the toffee covered kind of popcorn, they are seasoned with toffee flavour instead. I found them tasty, but not too sweet. These are worth buying as a lower calorie treat.

The popcorn felt much the same as regular popcorn in terms of texture, both crispy and soft in places. This made them interesting to eat. I enjoyed munching on them and felt it was easy to eat and moreish. At the end of my bag I also found the packaging was correct, there were no bits stuck in my teeth which almost never happens with popcorn. This might well have nudged them into my first choice for popcorn. I can’t wait to try the other flavours.

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