2 August 2019

Caramel Latte In A Can (Costa Coffee) By @Cinabar

On a Saturday day I sometimes pop into Costa for a coffee if I’ve been into town to do some shopping. Last weekend I spotted that they had these new take-out cans, meaning I can enjoy the my iced Costa Caramel Latte at home. There were some cans as well with a regular latte or simple americano too, for those without a sweet tooth, but I chose the drink with a spot of syrup and picked dup a caramel version.
As i was having this drink at home I poured it into a glass and it was then that I noticed it is quite a small portion of drink. It almost filled my glass, where regular cans of pop fill it and have some drink left in them that I can’t squeeze in. Although the Caramel Latte can was tall it was quite thin.

Taste wise I was a little disappointed, I could pick on the UHT milk flavour which seemed to dominate the latte. The coffee element was nice but the caramel wasn’t quite as sweet as I’d hoped either, more of a background flavour and not quite meeting my expectation of a rich Costa Caramel Latte. This is nice enough but not quite the innovative revolution I’d hoped for. I have a bad feeling that between the sugar tax and artificial sweeteners being disliked I’m going to end up spending lots of time on here complaining that products aren’t sweet enough; shame on my sweet tooth.

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