22 August 2019

Austrian Pastries (@NLi10)

One of the great thing about mainland Europe is the pastries.  Instead of everywhere being a Greggs (sorry Gregg) you get lots of little places making exciting things that you can try - like all these!

So much crazy variety and necessary sugar.  There are sweet and savoury, bread and pastry and so many cakes that I didn't even dare look.

I chose this fruity thing.

Thats basically a turnover, but light and crispy with vanilla custard and actual raspberry fruit inside.  And it was amazing!  Refrigerating the pastries in the shop too means that you get a cool sensation from the filling which is most welcome in the 34 degree heat.  I miss all our little independent bakeries & patisseries we used to have in the UK. 

Actually tourist places like Lichfield and Stratford do have a better range of options. Maybe it's the tourism that keeps these places alive.

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