25 August 2019

Austrian food & Beer in Salzburg (@NLi10)

I decided that the very Austrian place near my hotel would be a good place to have my last evening meal.  It always looked quiet but on going in the beer garden was rammed to capacity and only the inside bits were quiet. I was happy to sit inside and found myself a table in the Industrial Zone (they brew the beer here!)

And here is the beer - in a reusable bottle.  Well I did ask for the big one!

Already shaking clearly the bottle tells you a bit about the beer.  We don't care so much about that in the UK.

Drinking a beer that was made in the room you are in is quite cool though.

But what to eat!

I had the Schnitzel of course - as I wasn't getting off the train in Vienna it only seemed fair to have it here.

Look at that amazing veggie sauce!

And the flat pig was very good indeed.  I could have eaten here every night I suspect and had other regional delicacies.  Yum!!

The beer was pretty good too, it did taste quite crisp and fresh, but I'm really no expert there.

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