19 August 2019

Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie (Poundland) By @Cinabar

I love exploring the grab bags in Poundland for new chocolate and sweets. Even though I go as often as every couple of weeks there always seems to be something new and interesting to try. This weeks I spotted Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie, which is a variation on the regular ones which contain caramel, these instead are filled with brownie. The packaging is very similar to the regular Munchies, and I nearly missed them as a new product, lucky I’m eagle eyed.
The packaging of the Munchies shows a picture of the centre with two layers, with two different but similarly coloured dark brown centres.

When I split one of the Munchies I realised that they had two layers but the centre bit was much lighter that the packaging picture. The centre is biscuit and crunchy, which is what makes these munchie! The coating around the biscuit is soft and chocolate flavoured, there is a hint of fudge but it isn’t that much of a flavour. I’m pleased that they have brought a new variety but as far these Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie they are basically crunchy chocolates with nothing to exciting to the flavour. Think generic chocolate truffle with a bit of biscuit. They didn’t really remind me of chocolate fudge brownies, but they were sweet and enjoyable. The texture was thick and a little heavy like a brownie can be. I think I like the caramel original ones more. Having said that Google suggests they have brought out Cookie Dough as a variety too, so I shall do my best to hunt those out too.

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